FreeAgent for Landlords

We’ve built a version of our award-winning software specifically for clients who earn income from property, to help you support them with digital record-keeping and Self Assessment.

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Self Assessment filing for unincorporated landlords is live

You can now submit tax returns, including UK property pages, directly to HMRC.

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An update on FreeAgent for Landlords

Our engineers are developing support for Self Assessment submissions.

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How has the delay to MTD for ITSA affected practices?

Four key takeaways for accountants and bookkeepers from our recent webinar.

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Let your landlord clients get on with letting

FreeAgent for Landlords is a new version of our award-winning software built specifically for clients who earn income from property.

New ‘Property’ feature

FreeAgent for Landlords has a dedicated ‘Property’ feature that allows clients to attribute income and costs to specific properties and then track their profitability.

Self Assessment submissions

FreeAgent for Landlords supports Self Assessment submissions, including UK property (SA105) pages.

Familiar tools

FreeAgent for Landlords includes all the relevant features of FreeAgent, including tools to automate many aspects of the process of recording rental income.

Features made for landlord clients

Discover the handy FreeAgent features that allow your landlord clients to manage multiple properties, track the profitability of each property and stay on top of their property record keeping.

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FreeAgent for Landlords timeline

  1. April 2022

    FreeAgent for Landlords is available to Practice Partners to use with their unincorporated landlord clients.

  2. January 2023

    FreeAgent for Landlords is supported in the FreeAgent mobile app.

  3. October 2023

    Practice Partners and landlords can make Self Assessment submissions to HMRC.

  4. November 2023

    FreeAgent for Landlords is available to unincorporated landlords directly.

What's not supported?

FreeAgent for Landlords does not include FreeAgent's Stock, CIS and Payroll features. It does not support MTD for ITSA submissions for foreign properties (where the property is outside the UK) or for non-resident landlords (where landlords are based outside the UK). However, in these scenarios, landlords can still use FreeAgent for Landlords for bookkeeping purposes.

Resources to share with your clients

Knowledge base

Online support for FreeAgent for Landlords

Our Knowledge Base contains step-by-step instructions on how to manage a property in FreeAgent.

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Web page

FreeAgent for Landlords is here to help

Share this page with your landlord clients to explain how FreeAgent for Landlords can help them manage their property finances.

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Exclusive webinars and events

Register for upcoming webinars and events

Come to one of our upcoming events to learn more about how FreeAgent can help.

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Did you know your clients could get FreeAgent for free?

FreeAgent is available free of charge for clients who have business current accounts with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank, for as long as the client retains their bank account. Find out more.

FreeAgent is also available free of charge for clients who have a Mettle account, as long as the client marks Mettle as their primary business account in the software. Find out more about Mettle or see our guide to setting up a new client with a Mettle account.

Optional add-ons may be chargeable.

If you have any questions about FreeAgent for Landlords, get in touch with your account manager.