Getting your clients onto FreeAgent

When it comes to encouraging your clients to use FreeAgent and adding them to your Practice Dashboard, we want to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Here are our top tips for getting your clients onto FreeAgent.

1. Choose the right clients for FreeAgent

From sole traders to businesses with 10 employees, FreeAgent can help your clients nail the daily admin so you can spend more time helping them succeed and less time chasing receipts.

Here are some of the different kinds of businesses that already use FreeAgent.

Creative and technology

With the ability to track time and manage projects directly from FreeAgent, clients in the creative and technology sectors have greater visibility of how their business is performing and their cashflow.

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Service businesses

With FreeAgent’s invoice templates and automated email chasers, dog walkers and personal trainers can maintain strong customer relationships, save time and get paid faster.

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Professional services

From legal firms to IT contractors, clients in professional services can track time against projects and measure their profitability. The dashboard allows them to stay on top of their cashflow and keep an eye on business spending.

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Traditional trades

FreeAgent is easy to use and empowers tradespeople to create and send professional-looking estimates and invoices, while the mobile app fits conveniently into their busy work lives so they can manage their business admin on the go.

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Retail and hospitality

FreeAgent’s integration partnerships with Shopify and Goodtill bring a host of automation options to help clients in the retail and hospitality industries to save time and work more efficiently.

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2. Introduce your clients to FreeAgent

Change can sometimes feel daunting for clients, particularly when it comes to new software, so we’ve created these handy resources to help you introduce your clients to FreeAgent.

Share videos with your clients

Check out our wide range of videos that you can share with your clients, including testimonials from FreeAgent users and videos that highlight FreeAgent’s high-impact features.

3. Set up a client's FreeAgent account

It won’t be long before clients start saying “yes” to using FreeAgent.

If you’ve got questions about the best way to move your clients to FreeAgent, check out our ‘Moving your clients to FreeAgent’ page.

Once you’ve settled on an approach, our comprehensive Client Migration Guide contains detailed guidance on how to move clients over to our software quickly and efficiently using tools such as our new Opening Balances importer.

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4. Educate your clients

Once you’ve added clients to your Practice Dashboard, you're ready to get them up to speed with FreeAgent.

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