Detect and fix bookkeeping issues with our new Xenon Connect integration

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new integration with Xenon Connect! You’re now able to extract bookkeeping data from FreeAgent and run health checks to detect errors.

Gareth Salomon, founder of Xenon Connect, said: “Xenon Connect is extremely excited to partner with FreeAgent to bring bookkeeping data quality checks to bookkeepers and accountants throughout the FreeAgent community. Our mutual partners have been asking for this integration for a long time and we are excited to finally be able to deliver. 

“This combination of a market leading core accounting package and innovative data quality checking software will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes our mutual partners to get to an accurate trial balance, providing them peace of mind and saving them money.”

Save time with a data health check

Xenon’s core product, Xenon Exact, will automatically detect any bookkeeping data which may have been entered incorrectly into FreeAgent, whether it’s unreconciled bank activity, old unpaid invoices or duplicate items. The integration will then provide you with a solution to sort out each detected item, and rectify the issue in FreeAgent. 

A bookkeeping health score is also calculated automatically, based on the quantity and importance of your clients’ bookkeeping data issues. 

Stewart Hurd, Chief Sales Officer at FreeAgent, said: ”Identifying and fixing client errors can be a major time drain for accountancy practices and bookkeepers to deal with. Therefore we’re delighted to announce this new integration with Xenon Connect, which we think will greatly help to relieve the burden on them. 

“With Xenon Connect performing daily checks on the information in FreeAgent and flagging up any issues directly, accountants will have greater visibility over their data and will be better informed to make any corrections. That means they’ll spend less time firefighting and have more time to provide better value services and insights for their clients.”

How can I get started?

First of all, why not give FreeAgent accounting software a try with a free trial? Once you're signed up, watch the video below to learn how to connect Xenon Connect to FreeAgent.

You can find out more about Xenon Connect here.

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