FreeAgent’s Tax Timeline and breakdown is now available in the Mettle app

If you have clients who use Mettle bank accounts, we have some exciting news! We've launched a seamless integration with Mettle that allows your clients to see estimates of their tax liabilities in the Mettle app - just like the Tax Timeline in FreeAgent. 

This real-time view of how much they owe and when it's due can help your clients stay ahead of their obligations and avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to their tax bills. 

The calculation is powered by FreeAgent data and shows upcoming tax events - such as payment or submission dates - for their relevant tax types, including VAT, Income Tax and Corporation Tax. Your clients will also be able to see a detailed breakdown of each tax type across current and previous periods. 

This powerful feature will make it easier than ever for them to check that they’re putting enough aside to cover their upcoming tax bills, all without leaving their banking app. And if they want to drill down into more detail about the individual transactions involved in the calculations, they can jump straight from Mettle into their FreeAgent account.

A free software & banking bundle your clients will love

Mettle is a business bank account that - when combined with FreeAgent software - offers your clients a completely free solution for managing their finances and embracing digital record-keeping*. You can use this free package to start a conversation with your clients about how you can work together more effectively. Find out more about FreeAgent and Mettle.

*Provided they make Mettle their primary business account in FreeAgent. Optional add-ons may be chargeable.

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