5 ways to attract top talent to your accounting practice

Attracting top talent to your accounting firm can be a challenge. As an employer, it’s not just about finding the best accountants; it’s about identifying those who are the best fit for your practice. So how can this be achieved? Here are five helpful tips to attract and retain the right candidates. 

1. Be transparent

Your job advert is the frontline in attracting the best talent, so you should be open and clear about the role, responsibilities and any qualifications or experience you’re after. Top candidates won’t only be looking at the job description - they’ll want to know about the pension contribution, number of annual leave days and professional development opportunities. And don’t be shy about providing a salary or salary range - you’ll miss out on many people who don’t want to waste their time. Transparency is the sign of a business that cares about its people.

2. Offer flexible working

Approach to work-life balance has progressed since the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2024, top talent will be searching for practices that care about their wellbeing - allowing them to work remote, hybrid or adaptable hours. For some, it might just be the ability to do the school run every afternoon. Offering flexible working can lead to longer-term retention and open doors to a wider talent pool, with more people able to commute in or work from a different part of the country. 

3. Create a smooth interview process

As you evaluate potential candidates, remember that they are also evaluating you. During the interview process, keep your candidate in the loop with progress and respond promptly. Top candidates are looking for a clear timeline and set of expectations, without having to jump through too many hoops. It might be beneficial to integrate technology, such as video interviews or virtual assessments, to streamline the process. A good interview experience not only attracts candidates but also reflects positively on your accounting firm and demonstrates respect for the candidate’s time. 

4. Communicate your values

To attract and retain talent, you’ll need to demonstrate commitment to a set of shared values. Top candidates are driven by more than just a paycheck and seek workplaces that align with their personal principles. For example, they might value a workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusivity. Candidates will be visiting review platforms like Glassdoor to gain insights on your company culture and learn whether they’ll be heard, respected and valued. By communicating your commitment to values, you’ll build a positive employer brand and position your firm as an attractive destination for top talent. 

5. Career progression 

What are the opportunities for growth and advancement within your practice? Laying out a clear path for career development not only attracts ambitious people but also plays a role in retaining them. By fostering continuous professional growth, you’ll not only enhance employee’s skills but also cultivate loyalty, reducing turnover rates. Did you know that you and your employees can collect CPD points with FreeAgent? Check out our range of CPD-accredited events and webinars - and once you become a Partner, you’ll have access to our FreeAgent Accreditation modules.

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