Effortless invoicing: save time with our Dext Prepare integration

Exciting news! You and your clients can now import sales invoices directly from Dext Prepare into FreeAgent. It’s an easy way to bring your paperwork together in a standardised digital format. 

With this update, you and your clients can upload invoices to Dext Prepare, either individually or in bulk. Dext Prepare will then automatically extract the data and seamlessly generate invoices in FreeAgent, simplifying everyone’s daily admin tasks. This integration not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

And with the new tax year just around the corner, Dext Prepare can assist you in onboarding new clients onto FreeAgent with existing sales invoices, saving you from the hassle of manual recreation. 

Sabby Gill, CEO of Dext, said: “We’re very excited to release our updated Dext Prepare integration with FreeAgent. A heartfelt thank you to the accountants and bookkeepers using FreeAgent for your trust in Dext Prepare. Your dedication to client service is clear for all to see, and this update reflects our shared mission to make accounting effortless. This is just one of many innovative steps we’re taking at Dext; we’re eager to continue our productive partnership with FreeAgent, as well as the accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses we support.”

Deb Faulkner of Stephen Farra Associates said: “Since the new Dext invoicing functionality we have been able to publish sales invoices into FreeAgent efficiently and with precision. Just like with the purchases, this has saved us many hours and we feel like FreeAgent’s interaction with Dext is now the full package.”

Support for multi-category bills

Additionally, in an earlier update, we made the process of recording bills much easier. In Dext Prepare, you can add multiple line items to a bill, depending on your subscription level, and then import it into FreeAgent. If you have a bill with multiple line items, their values and tax rates can now be added in a similar way to when you create an invoice in FreeAgent.

Remember, we’re always listening to your feedback to enhance our integration ecosystem and make FreeAgent the best it can be. Dext Prepare is one of our most popular integrations, so we’re excited to see how this improves your practice efficiency. 

How can I get started? 

If you don’t have FreeAgent accounting software (it’s ok, we forgive you!), why not start your free trial now? Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to connect your Practice Dashboard and clients to Dext Prepare.

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