Power up your practice efficiency with our new Client Engager integration

We're excited to announce that, due to popular demand, FreeAgent now integrates with Client Engager, a powerful and user-friendly practice management software designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers.

This new integration will allow you to sync contacts, invoices and more between the two softwares, saving your practice valuable time and reducing potential errors.

Cut the admin and boost productivity

By integrating FreeAgent with Client Engager, you can: 

  • streamline your practice workload by automating regular tasks
  • centralise client management
  • enhance communication via a secure client portal
  • access reporting tools to manage your practice effectively 

Once you have entered a client’s details in Client Engager, the information will seamlessly match and sync with FreeAgent. Contact synchronisation will keep the data automatically up-to-date. 

Similarly, when you raise invoices in Client Engager, they’ll automatically appear in FreeAgent. This not only saves time spent on daily admin but also eliminates the need for manual data entry and issues caused by data duplication. 

You’ll also see that workflows and checklists created in Client Engager will trigger activity in FreeAgent, streamlining your digital processes and helping you keep track of timelines. This will assist you in managing and prioritising client workloads with an overview of key dates and overdue tasks.

A game-changing FreeAgent insights tab within Client Engager will display the profit and loss for clients as well as all VAT periods (due date, amount due and running balance). These integrated task management features will help you reduce avoidable errors and keep on top of deadlines.

Last but not least, you can provision a new FreeAgent licence directly from within Client Engager. This will save your practice the time and effort of keeping all your data in check and constantly switching between different software.

More than an integration: a collaborative future  

FreeAgent and Client Engager envision this integration as a first step into a wider partnership between our two companies, eventually aiming to deliver even more game-changing task management features in the future. 

Johann Goree, co-founder of Client Engager, said: "Our vision has always been to empower our community of accountants and bookkeepers with innovative solutions to streamline their workflow and enhance client engagement.

"Partnering with FreeAgent allows another segment of our community to benefit from integrating their practice management tool and their accounting and bookkeeping solution.

"Our close working relationship, shared commitment to innovation and our user communities makes this partnership particularly exciting.

"Working together, we aim to deliver an enhanced integration that simplifies tasks, centralises client management, and ultimately drives efficiency in practices, allowing them to be more client-focused.

"This partnership represents more than just a connection between platforms; it's a testament to our aligned ambitions and shared dedication to supporting accountants and bookkeepers. We're thrilled about the additional possibilities and features this partnership presents and look forward to further enhancing the experience for Client Engager and FreeAgent users."

Stewart Hurd, Chief Sales Officer at FreeAgent, said: "We’re delighted to announce this new partnership with Client Engager, which we hope will be a huge boost for managing client admin for our accountancy and bookkeeping partners. 

"Client Engager is one of the biggest and most innovative names in the practice software space. We’re really looking forward to showcasing this partnership to our partners so they can see just how beneficial the integration will be for streamlining their practice admin.

"We expect this integration between FreeAgent and Client Engager to become even deeper and more sophisticated in the future, which will benefit accountants and bookkeepers even further."

How can I get started? 

Give FreeAgent accounting software a try with a free trial. Once you're set up, you'll be able to connect your Practice Dashboard to Client Engager. 

You can find out more about Client Engager here.

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