What is a SIC code?

Definition of a SIC code

A Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is the means by which government bodies such as the Office for National Statistics and Companies House classify different industries in the UK.

When you register a limited company, you must provide a SIC code to describe what your business does. Visit this link to find the code that best describes your primary business activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my company provides more than one product or service?

If your business provides numerous services or products, you are able to select up to four SIC codes.

How is a SIC code formed?

A SIC code is formed of five digits in the UK, the first two of which represent the industry sector of the business (for example, 46 covers ‘wholesale, except motor vehicles and motorcycles’), while the third, fourth and fifth digits are more specific to what the business does (for example, 46420 is for ‘wholesale of clothing and footwear’).

How are SIC codes used?

SIC codes are used to identify industry types, allowing government bodies and research agencies to spot emerging trends and monitor the strength of various parts of the UK economy.

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