We’re updating our Terms of Service for your clients

As you know, FreeAgent is packed with functionality that makes life easier for your clients, but we realise that some businesses have particular needs and would benefit from specialised tools. So from now on, some of the new features that we introduce will be in the form of add-ons that your clients can choose to subscribe to. 

To reflect this we’re going to make some small changes to FreeAgent’s Terms of Service for your clients. These will explain that, in future, your clients will be able to choose to buy additional features, integrations and services that we will make available separately from the core FreeAgent package. For some of these add-ons, your clients will have to pay FreeAgent directly. 

The first of these add-ons is coming this autumn. It’s part of a major upgrade to Auto Extract, our receipt-scanning functionality that extracts data from photos of receipts. The upgraded tool will support PDF files as well as photos, and you and your clients will be able to upload files in bulk from your desktop, among other improvements. The new tool will help clients with lots of receipts process them faster, more easily and more conveniently. 

All FreeAgent accounts will be able to use this tool up to 10 times per month free of charge as standard, but if your clients have a lot of expenses to process, they will have the option to subscribe to an add-on for £5 (+VAT) per month, which will give them unlimited usage. If they don’t want to subscribe, your clients can still upload receipts and process them manually, but FreeAgent won’t auto-fill any details and won’t automatically match receipts to bank transactions.

In August, we’ll email your clients to tell them about the upcoming Terms of Service changes, and we’ll let you and your clients know more about the improvements to Auto Extract when we launch. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please speak to your account manager.